Deploy Dash App on Azure App Service

  1. create Azure container registry (on, go to access keys, enable admin. Authentication keys will be generated

  2. login to Azure container registry using the generated keys:

    docker login [myregistry] --username [username] --password [password]
  3. create image:

    docker build . -t [image_name]
  4. create alias with full path to registry (format: path/name:tag):

    docker tag [image_name] [myregistry][name]:[tag]
  5. push image to Azure container registry:

    docker push [myregistry][name]:[tag]
  6. create azure app service and specify container source as azure container registry or private registry (using generated auth keys)

  7. specify startup command. Should look like:

    docker run -p 80:80 [myregistry][name]:[tag]


  • Deployment logs are available in the deployment center tab (under the "logs" tab).
  • To prevent the app from being idled out after 20 minutes due to inactivity, in app service tab, go to configuration -> general setttings -> Always On = True.